We are a California based law corporation who represents the legal interests of both individuals and companies in a broad range of practice areas which includes:


Entertainment Law & Digital Media

The firm handles business and legal affairs matters concerning the development, production, delivery, and distribution of entertainment properties.

We also cater to the legal needs of companies in the traditional and digital media business including, but not limited to, VFX companies, VR companies, content providers, advertising and publishing companies, social media companies, and software & app developers.

Intellectual Property Law

The firm offers a broad range of legal services and advice concerning the control, ownership, protection, licensing, and transfer of intellectual property works.

Business & Corporate Law

The firm's attorneys bring significant experience to the table in the areas of corporate and business law. Whether an initial start-up or more established company, our attorneys can counsel clients on the numerous corporate and business law issues that may arise. 

We can quickly assess a situation or opportunity and deliver practical and strategic legal advice, formulating a clear path to resolve any issues and complete transactions in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Deal Making

Even routine deals are not necessarily simple. Therefore, it is important that our clients utilize the experience of our firm's attorneys in any contract negotiations. We work with our clients to evaluate their goals in any contract negotiation, assess how these goals can be achieved, and, if moving forward, negotiate the most favorable deal terms possible.

Entrepreneurs and Emerging Businesses

Entrepreneurs and emerging businesses often face significant obstacles when starting out. Our firm understands this and we are committed to assisting them to manage the development of their businesses in a prudent, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Our attorneys are well equipped to serve the needs of new and emerging companies, including those developing new ventures in the entertainment, technology, and digital media space.

Outside General Counsel

The firm's attorneys can also play the role of outside general counsel to those corporate clients who want to avoid the need to hire a general counsel full-time at their company, something which is costly and often unnecessary.

International Business

CTP Media Partners, Inc. is unique because the principals of the firm bring together U.S. and international backgrounds under one roof. 

The firm's managing partner, David Beck, is an American attorney with a wealth of experience in many areas of U.S. law. He is also fluent in Korean and, among other things, has represented and advised large multinational corporations and foreign governments in the past. 

The firm's other founding partner, Matt Cooper, was born in New Zealand, studied law, and practiced law for two of New Zealand's largest commercial law firms, as well as working in both production and legal capacities on the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy before relocating to California in 2002.  

The unique background of the firm's principles and the combination of foreign and domestic experience enables the firm to identify and overcome cultural differences and communication obstacles that would otherwise impact how smoothly and efficiently deals between U.S. and international parties are negotiated. 

We can also offer international clients looking to do business in the States with guidance on their business operations and management here in the States and help them translate their business goals into reality.   

As far as the entertainment industry goes, the firm's principals have strong professional and personal relationships with veteran entertainment professionals in all areas of the industry in Los Angeles. We also have strong relationships with legal counsel, business executives, and production personnel outside of the U.S.