Corporate and Business Law

Our firm brings significant experience in corporate and business law to the table. Whether an initial start-up or more established company, our attorneys can counsel clients on numerous corporate and business law issues - from selecting a business structure, entity formation, and administration of that entity to providing legal support for corporate and business law issues generally. 

The firm’s principals can quickly assess a situation or opportunity and deliver practical and strategic legal advice, formulating a clear path to resolve any issues and complete transactions in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

International Experience

In addition to their backgrounds practicing law in the United States, the firm's attorneys have significant international experience and can assist international clients looking to do business in the States.


Our firm negotiates and drafts applicable agreements with writers, directors, producers, and production/finance/distribution companies as part of the development process, including option agreements, attachment agreements, co-production/collaboration agreements and the like.


Our firm negotiates and drafts various agreements with domestic and international distributors and sales agents for distribution of theatrical, television, and other forms of content. 


Our firm represents both producers and financiers concerning traditional equity funding and collateralized production lending, gap financing, and other sources of production funding available in the independent film market.


Our firm can address a broad range of music agreements in connection with the film and music business, including management agreements, publishing agreements, recording agreements, distribution agreements, synchronization and master use licenses, composer agreements, music supervisor agreements, and soundtrack album agreements.

Production Legal

Our firm offers a full range of production legal services depending on the particular needs of the production, including:

Reviewing production company formation documents and guild signatory documents. 

Negotiating and drafting producer, line producer, EP agreements, principal cast agreements, and key crew agreements.

Providing forms or reviewing daily and weekly player agreements, crew deal memos, general releases, location agreements, and clearance agreements; reviewing and negotiating other miscellaneous production agreements.

Coordination of post-production delivery issues and preparation of legal delivery items.

Rights and Chain-of-Title Review

Our firm addresses rights issues by analyzing chain-of-title agreements and documentation, highlighting potential rights issues, and negotiates and drafts agreements to purchase the necessary rights, releases, and clearances. 

Chain-of-title research, due diligence work, and preparation of rights summaries in connection with sale of rights libraries in various media.

Rights Management Services

Our firms also offers significant expertise concerning the analysis and administration of rights management systems for studios, production companies, mini-majors, and other content providers.

Talent Representation

Our firm represents a wide range of  talent, including producers, directors, writers, actors, and musical talent in contract negotiations for various creative projects our clients are involved with.