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A new kind of law firm experience...

A new kind of law firm experience...

A new kind of law firm experience...A new kind of law firm experience...A new kind of law firm experience...

CTP Media Partners, Inc. is a California based law corporation offering legal services to the entertainment industry.

About Us

Experience and Know-how


As veteran attorneys, the principals of CTP have counseled entertainment industry clients on the complexities and legal challenges that arise when producing, financing, distributing, protecting, and optimizing the value of creative content. We have strong relationships with key players in many areas of entertainment industry and a keen business understanding of many of the key issues emerging in the content financing, production, and distribution space.

Distinct Legal Needs 

We believe that every client, whether an individual or a large corporation, has a distinct and unique set of needs. We strive to determine and meet those needs, the way the client needs them.  

The firm’s attorneys have extensive production, legal, and business knowledge accumulated from years of advising and assisting a wide variety of entertainment industry clients, including studios, mini-majors, VFX and post-production companies, production companies, comic book companies, animation companies, independent producers and filmmakers, production executives, writers, and talent. We are highly service orientated and acutely aware of the unique needs of our clientele, particularly the need to negotiate and close all business and legal affairs contracts in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

We offer a wide range of legal services related to the development, production, delivery, and distribution of entertainment properties. Our firm also represents talent in contract negotiations for various film, television, and music projects.

Our Philosophy

Keeping It Simple

For most people, it doesn't matter if your lawyer works in a large or a small firm. If you want premium office space and big boardrooms, we know lots of lawyers in traditional law firms that would be happy to charge you for that privilege. We prefer to keep our overhead low so that we can focus on protecting your legal interests and helping you achieve your business goals, however.

Client Meetings That Work For You

First and foremost, we believe in building strong professional relationships with our clients and experience has taught us that strong relationships are built through meaningful, in-person, interactions. While we always like to meet you in person first, much of our work for our clients after this can be completed online, over email, the phone, or via video conference. We are also happy to meet our clients at their businesses or wherever else we are needed. 

Putting Our Clients First

You want great legal services at a reasonable price and we want to focus on delivering effective results for our clients rather than chasing high billable hour targets. We therefore favor an approach of working with our clients to develop fee structures tailored to their specific needs.

Relationships Matter

Professional services are based on trust and communication. Our firm’s philosophy is one of building long term professional relationships with our clients based on the values of honesty, integrity, trust, and loyalty. Our goal is to assist our clients’ to achieve success in their business endeavors through practical legal advice and smart strategies. The end goal is to help our clients achieve a more stable, secure, and prosperous future.

Leaving the Ivory Tower Behind

There will always be a place in the world for traditional high cost law firms. We simply believe our clients prefer working with a law firm that embraces a different set of values. Put simply, CTP is all about working with you to achieve your own particular business goals, whether it’s the steps involved in establishing your new technology start-up or production, financing, and distribution company, producing your own motion picture or television series, or negotiating a talent deal that protects you as an artist.

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