The set of "Edoras" from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mt. Potts, Canterbury, New Zealand

Deal-Making Examples

Set forth below is a representative sample of some of the transactions and projects handled by our firm's attorneys to date, provided by way of example only:

Production/finance agreement with Chinese investment group, with picture budget in US$120M to US$150M range, addressing producing, writing, and rights acquisition fees in tens of millions of dollars range, and, complex production service, approval, distribution rights, production financing, budget payments, and derivative rights provisions.

Negotiated national filming contract for “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy with the New Zealand government and negotiated location access agreements for over 120 locations, including gaining permission to film in national parks and on reserve lands throughout country.

Assisted in US$500M merger involving purchase of petroleum facility.

Assisted in US$100M financing for telecommunications company (Korea).

Represented borrower in US$30M revolving credit facility.

Engaged in contract capacity by well respected national law firm in connection with multi- million dollar copyright lawsuit to perform rights analysis and render advice in connection with same.

Engaged by prominent mini-major studio to undertake chain-of-title review and analysis for library titles and render legal opinions setting forth ongoing obligations, rights availability, and the like.

Engaged by production, financing, and distribution studio to implement proprietary rights management system, including: analyzing database design; attending database design meetings; and, analyzing and inputting pertinent contract provisions into system.

Engaged by prominent production company (now partnered with a major studio) to provide production legal services on action/adventure sports film in US$70M range.

Co-production agreement between producing group and well known, nationally recognized, church group concerning potential financing and producing of entertainment properties.

Co-production agreement between National Geographic and producing group concerning financing, development, and production of a major motion picture project in tens of millions of dollars budget range.

Writer agreement for development of motion picture concept in connection with The Blue Man Group.

Option/purchase agreement between producer and major award-winning author concerning option of motion picture rights in author’s book; purchase price in high 6-figure range. 

Union actor agreements; 7-figure fixed fee and 8-figure fixed fee. 

Union director agreements; 7-figure fixed fee and mid-to-high 6-figure fixed fee. 

Union writer agreements; 7-figure aggregate in fixed fees across guaranteed and optional steps, and mid-to-high 6-figure aggregate in fixed fees across guaranteed and optional steps. 

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